Our Mission

ValorFit's mission is to help veterans and their families by pairing them with other veterans in local gyms and fitness facilities. This approach ensures the veterans are surrounded by positive influences so they can regain confidence, self esteem and self worth. The goal is to help facilitate long lasting relationships that place veterans in a position to succeed. ValorFit and their partner facilties will address, educate, coordinate, and provide opportunities to Veteran’s and their families through physical training and nutritional guidance to use as a tool for a healthier lifestyle.


ValorFit knows the importance of finding facilities that allow veterans the opportunity to flourish as they take control of their health and fitness. Working together with owners and instructors ensures veterans feel welcomed, included and part of the team as they begin and continue on in their journey to being their best selves.


Veterans and their families need support when they step into a facility for the first time. ValorFit does everything they can to make sure the veteran has the support they need from both the facility and representatives of ValorFit to make sure the veteran integrates into the community and establishes a strong support system from the start.


Success is attributed to the people you have beside you in the journey. ValorFit's goal is to make sure each veteran who enters the program is successful. That takes work and investment from all parties; the veteran, ValorFit and the facility. ValorFit’s goal is for veterans to be successful in their quest for health and we will do everything we can to help them!


You are much stronger, mentally and physically, then you think you are.

ValorFit believes self-worth shouldn’t be left on the battlefield. We want to engage and ignite a renewed confidence in veterans through fitness.

  • Fitness builds strength, but being surrounded by like minded veterans builds something even more important, confidence and pride in self.

  • ValorFit exists to build your strength, build your confidence, and ignite your passion for life.

  • ValorFit provides free or discounted gym services to veterans and their families.

Veteran Facts

  • It is estimated that approximately 20 veterans take their own lives every day.

  • Out of those 20, only 6 were utilizing the VA Healthcare system.

  • 1 in every 5 military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have PTSD.

ValorFit in Action

  • 301 veterans / veteran family members have gone through the program.

  • 31 veterans / veteran family members are currently ValorFit Champions.

  • 13 facilities have veterans / veteran family members in their facility.

  • ValorFit’s retention rate for Champions after they’ve completed their ValorFit program is 70%. Programs vary from 2-6 months of ValorFit support depending on the Veteran’s needs.