A huge thank you to Ankeny Sports Performance for hosting ValorFit night for 20.1. It was amazing watching some of our veterans do something that at one point they never thought they could do. Looking around and seeing all of the ValorFit apparel was a wonderful thing. The reality behind the relationships that have been built out of ValorFit is truly remarkable and we are grateful for that. 

We are just over 35% in reaching our goal of raising $2500 in apparel sales by Veterans Day on November 11. To purchase your modeling gear and enter for a chance to win the ValorFit bags boards, click the link below and help support our goal! Thank you to everyone who has purchased and continues to purchase our amazing apparel. WodThreads does an amazing job and we are proud of the friendship that has been created.



Meet Misty. Misty has some things in her past that she would like to work through, so she walked into Black Collar CrossFit and asked Merenciana Paulus to help her, and Meddy is doing just that. It's truly an inspiring relationship. Meddy and Mike Ruehlmann aren't just helping Misty get out of physical pain, but they are working next to her to help build her confidence and remind her of her self worth. ValorFit is working with Misty outside of the gym to lead her to the resources that she desperately deserves. There is a reality to this triangle of power, and it is truly beautiful. Welcome home Misty.

Thank you to LOF-Xpress Oil Change for their monthly financial contributions to ValorFit, it is truly making a difference.



We have partnered with the local Iowa business Crafty Doods for an apparel fundraiser! From October 1st through Veterans Day, November 11th, every apparel item purchased will enter you for a chance to win these beautiful ValorFit bags boards. Winner will be drawn on November 12th.

Our goal is to raise $2500, which will provide financial assistance to 20 veterans/family members to be in our program for one month. As always, all proceeds will go directly towards gym memberships for veterans and their family members.

Each individual item gives you one chance, so the more items you purchase the better chance you have to win! We are truly grateful for everyone who has purchased and continues to purchase our delightful apparel, it is truly making a difference. Support veterans and their family members today!



Meet Antonette. Antonette's positive personality is contagious. Antonette reached out to ValorFit because she was interested in a healthier way of life. The same day she emailed us she walked in the front door of CrossFit Des Moines and introduced herself to our friend Tyler Lloyd and said she was ready to get started. We knew she wanted the fitness part, then she shared her story with us, and quickly stated she also needed the community feeling. She has that now. She now has a place where she wants to go, and people want to see her every single day. It's a beautiful thing. Asking for help isn't a sign of weakness. It's the start of showing your strength. Antonette and her youngest son are now full time members of the Crossfit Des Moines family. Welcome home Antonette, and thank you for your continued service to this beautiful country. 

Thank you to Adam and Sabrina Wright for their monthly financial contributions to ValorFit, but they are so much more than a financial contribution. We are grateful for their continued support of ValorFit so we can continue to positively influence veterans and their families.



Yesterday some of us attended the 10th annual Iowa Remembrance 5k Run/Walk. It was time we were able to spend together to honor our friends and fellow Iowans. The event was beautiful and brought a lot of inner peace. Honoring the fallen together is something we can do as a cohesive unit so no one fights alone, so we will. Thank you to everyone who put this beautiful event together!



Last night was humbling. Last night Troy and Jesse were able to speak with a group of Central College alumni as they honored the life of their friend, former Navy Seal Bill Mulder. Bill served 20 years in the Navy, and 6 months after he retired he lost his life to mental illness. These conversations aren't easy to have, but these conversations are who we are and wanted to let these men know that they don't have to suffer in silence, so we extended our hands to them. Blaming themselves will not bring their friend back. It's now about honoring Bill's legacy and being open about the struggle. Thank you to Travis Sterling for allowing us the opportunity to continue to honor your friend. No one person is more important or stronger than a community of people.



Yesterday some of us had the honor of attending the Designed 2 Move Chiropractic groundbreaking ceremony in Ankeny and present them with a token of our appreciation made by Joslyn Kent and The Farmer's Daughter Studio.. 

Why is this an honor? Aaron and Abbi Rickelman donate their services to ValorFit veterans. What they provide as far as physical wellness is second to none, but it is also in the way that they do it. They are kind. They listen. They motivate, and they help lead veterans to a better way of thinking. The combination of all of these things is saving lives then improving them. 

Take a bow Rickelman's. What you have done and continue to do is a beautiful thing. 



This past weekend ValorFit had the opportunity to attend the Central Regional at TBK Sports Complex in Bettendorf. We were represented by some really amazing people.

Colin Cartee donated a vendor booth to us, and Derek and Melanie of WodThreads did what they always do in raising funds for ValorFit and spreading the good word about us. This opportunity raised over $1,100 for us. That money allows us to place 10 veterans in our program for one month. That's 10 lives that will be positively influenced. We are truly grateful for the opportunities we are receiving throughout the state of Iowa. Thank you to everyone who has purchased and continues to purchase our apparel, your contributions are saving lives. Thank you WodThreads, it's a beautiful partnership. Surround yourself with good people consistently, it helps.



Meet Luke. Abi Reiland reached out a few weeks back and said Luke could use some ValorFit love. Luke said he wasn't fit enough to take a group class yet, so we joined him to show him that he absolutely is. Sometimes people feel that since they aren't as good as they once were that people will think less of them, so we will surround veterans with positive people who will show them how to become better versions if themselves. Luke broke through several barriers, and now he knows that he can do it, so he will do it. Thank you to the members of Crossfit 8035, Abi Reiland, and Abby Jorgensen for being such positive influences. Welcome home Luke.


Meet Andrew (center, black shirt). Andrew was referred to ValorFit by the Department of Veterans Affairs because he was missing the connections he once had, we will help with that. Some of the CrossFit Merle Hay veterans helped us introduce Andrew into his first class last night, it was a good time. Veterans want to be a part of a team again and be involved with their community, but sometimes anxiety hinders that. So we will do things together, because that's how progress is made and barriers are broken down. Thank you to CrossFit Merle Hay for your continued support of all things ValorFit. Welcome Home Andrew.



Congratulations to Jackie (on the left) in celebrating her one year anniversary with CrossFit Kinesis. Jackie hasn't had it easy throughout her life, but she found a safe a positive environment with the coaches and members of Kinesis. When Jackie was referred to ValorFit she was not in a good place mentally or physically, she is now in a much better place. Jackie fully understands what she needs to do and she is doing it because people are walking with her as she works towards a better way of life. Thank you for trusting the process Jackie, and thank you to CrossFit Kinesis for your continued effort in helping us help veterans and their families.


This is exactly why we believe in second chances, because sometimes they work. David was told he might never walk again. Austin Nedelcoff and CrossFit Kilo II didn't exactly accept that answer. 

"Want to brag about this guy for a second. David, a veteran now in his 60's who struggled with cigarettes and alcohol has lost over 30lbs and improved his walking after being told he might not walk again after a serious accident and he's also made steady progress on Concept2, Inc.cardio equipment. He has regained the strength to perform multiple pushups, dips, and ring rows and has the confidence to grocery shop without his electric cart."- CrossFit Kilo II

Thank you to all of the facilities that continue to support us in our mission of leading veterans and their families to a better way of life.

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 10.57.15 AM.png


ValorFit is proud to have a real solution to helping Veterans. Troy's experience created the mission for ValorFit, which is to help veterans and their families by pairing them with other veterans in local gyms and fitness facilities. This approach ensures the veterans are surrounded by positive influences so they can regain confidence, self esteem and self worth. The goal is to help facilitate long lasting relationships that place veterans in a position to succeed. We are so proud of the progress of Troy and what he does each day to make sure Veterans have someone that is willing to listen and act to help them.


Meet Trevor. Trevor is a former scout who knows he needs to make some changes. When veterans return home from combat they often times get lost in the mix and don't always feel comfortable talking about their problems, so we decided to extend our hand to have those tough conversations. Feeling alone is a difficult emotion to work through, but we will work through it with you. Taking accountability for your actions is much easier when you are doing it with people who understand. Thomas Oertli understands, and we are truly grateful for his consistent effort and the effort of CrossFit Merle Hay to help our veterans achieve a higher level of happiness. Welcome home Trevor. 

Thank you to Rick Bach and Kohles & Bach for their monthly donations to ValorFit so we can continue to do the right thing each and every day.


Meet Ryan. Ryan was referred to ValorFit by fellow veterans and ValorFit Champion Larry Sigmund, who was referred to ValorFit by fellow veteran Jesse Sage. Veterans loving veterans. Ryan jumped right in and completed his personal training sessions with the always consistent Garrett Starr. Our goal is and always will be to open the door and show veterans and their families a better way of life, in hopes that they respect the new daily lifestyle and want to keep coming back. It's working. Reality is a beautiful thing. Give Ryan a high five if you see him, he deserves it. Everyone does. 

Thank you to the always supportive @lof_xpress for the continued financial support as we continue to put veterans and their families in a position to succeed.


Yesterday some of us were able to attend the final regular season game of the Iowa Cubs. It was a great way to spend time together in a positive environment getting to know one another on a personal level. Life isn't always perfect, but it's definitely better doing it with people who understand where you come from. We aren't charity cases, we are people who are trying to find their way after serving our country.

Thank you to Jeff Townsend for setting this up, and thank you to the Iowa Cubs for their donation of the skybox.



Two weeks ago a few of us were able to come together for an amazing cause. Major's Army is a cause that we will always stand behind and are grateful that we are able to do our small part so that his parents can continue to advocate for Major and everyone who is affected by Cystic Fibrosis. As veterans we volunteered and made a choice to serve our country, Major didn't choose cystic fibrosis. We will always support other causes that make a true impact each and every day. 

Thank you to Jessica Gohn and The Plumping Company for your consistent kindness and sponsorship to help us participate in this great event. Thank you to Derek Fiscus and WodThreads for always making us look pretty.



A huge thank you to Chris Reil for his recent donation to ValorFit. Chris has been a loyal supporter of ValorFit from the start, and recently held a fundraiser for us to sponsor a veteran in our program. We were able to speak with the guys at the Sandlot about possible future collaborations to raise money for ValorFit as well. Fundraisers are an effective way to raise money for ValorFit so that we can continue to lead veterans and their families to a healthier lifestyle. We are truly grateful for those who have held fundraisers on our behalf.


Meet Jonah. Jonah was referred to ValorFit by the Department of Veterans Affairs because he wanted to get back to being the father he once was. Anxiety has been deterring Jonah from enjoying life and getting back into the gym, I think most people can relate to that. Having anxiety isn't fun. Suffering through anxiety alone is miserable. Being introduced to new people and knowing that they are now there with you every single day can make a huge difference in a persons mindset, which can lead to many positive changes in one's life. If you see Jonah around give him a high five, he is an amazing man. 

Thank you to Rick Bach owner of Kohles & Bach Heating and Cooling for his monthly donations to us so that we can continue to positively influence veterans and their families.


Meet Jeremy Ascherl. Jeremy is a fellow veteran and the owner of Ascherl Chiropractic in Winterset and Earlham. Jeremy held a fundraiser this year during RAGBRAI and raised $1,000 for ValorFit. Veterans helping veterans. We are truly grateful for all of the continued support that we continue to recieve.


Meet Mathew (green shirt). Mathew is a former Marine and was referred to ValorFit by the Department of Veterans Affairs because he was looking for a positive habit, he found it pretty quickly. When we contacted The Arena Nevada they immediately brought up Mike Brown because he is also a veteran. He just so happens to also be a CrossFit Games athlete. While training for the games he brought Mathew, and Mathew' son in to train with him. We could not have asked for anything more, and the results speak for themselves. Mathew is healthier, happier, and eager to continue down this path to a better way of life. There isn't an exact recipe to get someone to want a better way of life, but if there was Mike Brown would be a chef. 

Thank you to Adam and Sabrina Wright for their monthly donations to ValorFit so we can continue to surround veterans with positive influences.


The word rehabilitation carries a stigma with it, and we're working to fight that stigma. Some might look at inpatient rehab as a sign of weakness, we see it as a sign of strength and an effort to live a better way of life. We fully support that. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone should have the opportunity at a second chance, or a third. These veterans aren't charity cases. They don't want to be coddled. They need to be shown grace and kindness, and to not be judged. We've got you. We are proud to walk side by side with these amazing veterans each day in their journey to a better way of life. Actions speak louder than words. Thank you to Mason Zimmerman for opening his doors to us. 

Thank you to CrossFit 50211 member Natalie Burton for her monthly donations to ValorFit that make these things possible.


Meet Nyna and Randy. Both veterans were referred to ValorFit by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Both veterans know that they need to make some changes, and have started to do just that. Consistent effort in the gym while being surrounded by positive people can lead to a person wanting to make amazing changes outside of the gym. Life is a lot better when you do it with great people. 

A big thank you to LOF-Xpress in Ankeny for their monthly donations to ValorFit. These donations allow for us to financially support veterans and their families each and every month.


Sunday Funday. Meet Jeff. Jeff was a member of the 10th Mountain Division from 2006 to 2010. Jeff was referred to ValorFit by the Department of Veteran Affairs. Often times veterans feel like they are no longer a part of a team when they return home and separate from the military. So to replace old habits with new habits we introduced Jeff to CrossFit 8035. It's not always easy starting something new and 8035 member Tabitha said she would be glad to meet with us for a workout. Then member Chris Aiken came up and introduced himself and said he would be glad to meet Jeff for class. That's how progress is made and solutions are provided. Extending your hand to those who want it, and working through stuff, together. 

Thank you to DSM Spine & Sport for their monthly donations to us so that we can work with veterans and their families each and every single day.


Today we were able to say thank you to Natalie and Tracy for their donations to ValorFit . They both extended their hand by purchasing our apparel and then offered to be donors, and for that we are grateful. They both get to see what takes place with veterans inside of CrossFit 50211, and we were able to share a little more about what takes place outside of the gym to help put veterans and their families in a better position. We are truly grateful for everyone who donates to help us with our mission. No one has to fight alone. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and continues to support us!


Congratulations to our ValorFit sponsored team from Ankeny Sports Performance for their second place finish at the 8035 Summer Circus . It was a pleasure watching all of you! Watching you exercise together was beautiful, but the reality behind this is even more beautiful. Just under a year ago Jesse Sage had a choice to make. He could self destruct and allow his life to end, or he could put in work. That boy went to work in and out of the gym to become a better version of himself. He just kept showing up, and good people started doing great things just as we knew they would. Never count yourself out and don't be your own worst enemy. Ty and Jeff, thank you for being you. What you and your are your families are doing is making a true impact. 

Thank you to Abi and Luke Reiland for creating a positive environment that allows people to test their limits. Ginnie Coleman Photography, thank you will never be enough. 

Special shout out to Josh Cowart for his donation for this event. 


Meet Sam. Sam is a former Marine. Sam and Jesse Sage have known each other for years, so when Jesse asked Sam to come to Ankeny Sport Performance to see what we are all about he did. Then he stayed and keeps coming back for more. Veterans share a common bond that can never be broken. That bond can evolve into communities with amazing people as a support system. Everyone is chasing something, just have to find what that something is. 

A special thank you to Ankeny Sport Performance member Mickey Argo for his monthly donations so we can continue to provide memberships to veterans and their families.


Meet Josh (in black). Josh was referred to ValorFit by the Department of Veterans Affairs and hasn't looked back. He is making changes in and out of the gym that are setting him up for success, while surrounding himself with positive people. Trying new things can be hard. Becoming vulnerable to a new way of life can lead to several positive outcomes. Thank you to Ankeny Sports Performance for your continued effort in supporting our veterans!

A special thank you to Adam and Sabrina Wright for their monthly contributions to ValorFit. Adam and Sabrina sponsor 5 veterans per month. We are truly grateful for their mentoring and friendship from the start!



Today we were able to stop in and meet two new ValorFit champions at CrossFit OC3. Nate is front and center and Tom is in the dark maroon shirt. They both know changes need to be made to live a happier and healthier life, and we are glad to be at the start of this journey with them. 


Meet Jake and Jeremy. Jake is the co-owner of Live Active 563 and his community raised over $650 during a fundraiser for ValorFit on Memorial Day. Jeremy is the owner of Johnson Maintenance Inc and he is a monthly Gold level ValorFit sponsor. 



Meet Brian. Brian led the way for several years as an Army Ranger. His experiences are unique, but he doesn't want to be known for that. Brian knew he needed to find a way to work through not only his physical injuries but his mental injuries as well. So now he is putting in work in and out of the gym to become a better version of himself. There comes a point in time when a person knows they have to put in work to get to a better place in life and we are honored to work alongside veterans as they do so. Life is too short to not have any fun. Thank you to Michael Klosterman and Tom Zoeckler for keeping things fun!


Luke and Abi Reiland, thank you. Thank you for not only donating your rig for our Community Murph event, but for kindness and generosity outside of this event. We had a last minute change of schedule, and Luke and Abi dropped what they were doing, along with Aaron and Ryan to come and put the rig up. The donation of this rig to our event will allow us at ValorFit to put 70 veterans through our program. If you know how we operate, that means 70 people are now getting an opportunity they would not have gotten otherwise. Take a bow Luke and Abi, you didn't just save 1, you saved 70. Thank you to everyone who participated, donated, or bought apparel to help us honor the fallen and raise funds for our cause.


Meet Jared. A fellow veteran that Jared served with asked Troy to reach out to Jared because he thought he could use someone to talk to. Troy and Jared became trusted friends, and Jared has been working with CrossFit Free Spirit to become a better version of himself. After years of keeping everything inside Jared is starting to open up and get his smile back. His kindness towards others is commendable, and he is also learning to be kind to himself. Veterans don't need to be coddled, they need to be reminded how great they can be. Welcome home brother.


Meet Tom. Tom walked into CrossFit OC3 and told Colin Carteethat he needed a change, so we provided him the opportunity at one. Thomas' service to his country will not be forgotten, and we are grateful to be partnered with the OC3 community in reminding him of that. Putting veterans and their families in a position to succeed through their hard work and partnering them with knowledgeable people who are already doing great things is how we operate. It's working. It's always a good day when we get to hangout with our good friend Derek Fiscus and WodThreads. See you at the Central Regional!


Meet David. David went into CrossFit Kilo II in February and told Austin Nedelcoff that he needed to make some changes, and Austin then reached out to Troy and ValorFit . What Austin did next was where a life was forever changed. Austin extended his hand as a friend, and took David in as a part of the Kilo family from day one. Austin and his staff are putting David in a position so succeed and David is putting in the work. In February David could literally only take a few steps with his cane before he was in severe pain, and was so out of breath he had to sit down. David is now walking on his own with the assistance of a cane for much longer periods of time. He set his cane down and walked on his own to be in this picture. Well done Kilo II, and thank you. We are proud and grateful to pair veterans with such amazing crossfit affiliates. Welcome home David.


Meet Gina. Gina needed a change, show we provided her with a way to do so. Gina put everyone in front of herself for a long time, and now we are working together so that she can become a better version of herself. She has found her home at CrossFit Merle Hay and we are grateful for their genuine support.


ValorFit was given a $10,300 check from the 100 Women Who Care Ankeny. We are truly grateful for Designed 2 Move Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation and their willingness to speak about and provide action to ValorFit on a daily basis so that we can continue to help veterans and their families live a happier and healthier life. Kindness matters.


Meet Derek Fiscus. Derek is the owner/operator of WodThreads and a member of CrossFit OC3. Derek is not only our apparel provider but more importantly he is our friend. His loyalty to Troy and to the mission of ValorFit is second to none. His true friendship is the truth behind what we do, and we are truly grateful for him and his family for their personal donations to ValorFit.


A big thank you to CrossFit 50211, and Layne Palm and Taylor Williamson of CrossFit OC3 for modeling our apparel at the Granite Games this past weekend. All proceeds from the purchase of our apparel goes directly towards gym memberships for veterans and their families. We are truly grateful for everyone who purchases from us, your money is going to a great place. Thank you to Derek and WodThreads for helping us reach more and more veterans!


Jordan is working hard in and out of the gym to become a better version of himself. Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect. His time in the Marine Corps left him with some trauma to work through, and he is working through that in several ways. Replacing bad habits with positive habits and surrounding yourself with positive people on a consistent basis works wonders. Self care through fitness, peer support, and community support are the principles we stand by. A big thank you to CrossFit Merle Hay and specifically Caileen and Van for doing what you do best, making people better. Jordan has found his home, welcome home Jordan! 

These things are all made possible because of kind people like LOF-Xpress™ Oil Change – Ankeny and their monthly donations to ValorFit.


Reality is beautiful. We don't always show the intimate and personal side to ValorFit, but yesterday the truth was shown. 10 months ago we partnered Jesse with former Marine Josh at Ankeny Sports Performance in hope of getting Jesse to a better place, and it worked. Jesse and Josh became friends instantly, and spent almost every day together the last 10 months. Their friendship is genuine and authentic. Yesterday Josh married a wonderful woman, and Jesse stood up with him as he did so. Their effort combined with the community support at Ankeny Sports Performance provided a beautiful truth. We are truly grateful for Josh stepping in to give a fellow veteran his hand, and now Jesse is doing that samething to his fellow veterans. They are both positively influencing veterans across this beautiful country now. Congratulations Josh, we love you!


Today we sat down with Daniel Brazzell and Team Fidelis to discuss a partnership with them between Iowa and there headquarters in Kansas City. Like ValorFit, Team Fidelis believes in action. They have taken the lead on veteran suicide awareness/education/training and putting veterans and their families in a position to succeed while finding ways for the community to be involved. The reality behind what is to come is beautiful. Spreading the message of both organizations is important because our focus has been and always will be putting the veteran first. Consistency is key.



Meet Beau. Beau is as kind as they come and needed a change. Fallujah isn't a very friendly place, but CrossFit Waukee is and it's just a few blocks from Beau's home. Everyone deserves an opportunity to be surrounded by positive people and ValorFit is grateful to help with that process. Being back at Crossfit Waukee where the reality behind ValorFit was created is a good feeling. Consistency is key.

Thank you to DSM Spine+Sport for their monthly donation to help support veterans and their families live a healthier and happier lifestyle. 


Today ValorFit accomplished exactly what we wanted to do, and more. We honored the fallen together, and we raised money so we can continue to support veterans and their families live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Together WE made a positive impact on our community, and we honored James "Juice" Justice by bringing in Amanda Justice-Petersen to remind her we haven't forgotten of James' sacrifice and to show her she isn't alone. The outpouring of support that was given to ValorFit goes to show that if you open the door to good people they will do great things! Together we showed the country how to truly honor the fallen. Thank you will never be enough. 

A special thank you to Bradie Knapp Weeter and Ignit Sport for opening your doors to us on short notice. Thank you to Luke Reiland and Abi Reiland for you and your crew to drop what they were doing to set up the rig early, it means the world to us.



Meet Jesse Sage. Jesse came to ValorFit looking for a change, and he found it immediately after he was paired with former Marine Josh. Jesse is a warrior with a kind heart, and is beautifully stubborn. Jesse spent time on Active Duty before joining the Army Rangers. Jesse has 10 combat deployments under his belt. With those deployments came the Bronze Star and 2 Purple Heart Medals, and trauma. That trauma changed Jesse. That trauma led Jesse down a path of self destruction, then he actively went looking for help. Jesse being active in his own healthcare plan with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, combined with the family environment that is provided at Ankeny Sports Performance has saved Jesse's life. Jesse knows that being a victim of his circumstances with unhealthy habits is not something he is ok with, so he is working through it with healthy habits and finding his better way of life. Welcome home Jesse.


Last night we were able to say thank you to the American Legion Riders Post 232 for their donation to ValorFit. Their donation allowed us to put 5 veterans through our program. The American Legion Riders will also be presenting the colors at our Community Murph Event on Memorial Day. Veterans helping veterans. We are grateful for their continued support and we look forward to helping each other in future events!