Meet Brian. Brian led the way for several years as an Army Ranger. His experiences are unique, but he doesn't want to be known for that. Brian knew he needed to find a way to work through not only his physical injuries but his mental injuries as well. So now he is putting in work in and out of the gym to become a better version of himself. There comes a point in time when a person knows they have to put in work to get to a better place in life and we are honored to work alongside veterans as they do so. Life is too short to not have any fun. Thank you to Michael Klosterman and Tom Zoeckler for keeping things fun!


Meet Jared. A fellow veteran that Jared served with asked Troy to reach out to Jared because he thought he could use someone to talk to. Troy and Jared became trusted friends, and Jared has been working with CrossFit Free Spirit to become a better version of himself. After years of keeping everything inside Jared is starting to open up and get his smile back. His kindness towards others is commendable, and he is also learning to be kind to himself. Veterans don't need to be coddled, they need to be reminded how great they can be. Welcome home brother.


Meet Tom. Tom walked into CrossFit OC3 and told Colin Carteethat he needed a change, so we provided him the opportunity at one. Thomas' service to his country will not be forgotten, and we are grateful to be partnered with the OC3 community in reminding him of that. Putting veterans and their families in a position to succeed through their hard work and partnering them with knowledgeable people who are already doing great things is how we operate. It's working. It's always a good day when we get to hangout with our good friend Derek Fiscus and WodThreads. See you at the Central Regional.


Meet David. David went into CrossFit Kilo II in February and told Austin Nedelcoff that he needed to make some changes, and Austin then reached out to Troy and ValorFit . What Austin did next was where a life was forever changed. Austin extended his hand as a friend, and took David in as a part of the Kilo family from day one. Austin and his staff are putting David in a position so succeed and David is putting in the work. In February David could literally only take a few steps with his cane before he was in severe pain, and was so out of breath he had to sit down. David is now walking on his own with the assistance of a cane for much longer periods of time. He set his cane down and walked on his own to be in this picture. Well done Kilo II, and thank you. We are proud and grateful to pair veterans with such amazing @crossfit affiliates. Welcome home David. 


Meet Derek Fiscus. Derek is the owner/operator of WodThreads and a member of CrossFit OC3. Derek is not only our apparel provider but more importantly he is our friend. His loyalty to Troy and to the mission of ValorFit is second to none. His true friendship is the truth behind what we do, and we are truly grateful for him and his family for their personal donations to ValorFit.

In cooperation with WodThreads we are running an Independence Day presale on some new shirts. The presale runs through June 9th on



A big thank you to CrossFit 50211, and Layne Palm and Taylor Williamson of CrossFit OC3 for modeling our apparel at the Granite Games this past weekend. All proceeds from the purchase of our apparel goes directly towards gym memberships for veterans and their families. We are truly grateful for everyone who purchases from us, your money is going to a great place. Thank you to Derek and WodThreads for helping us reach more and more veterans! 


Reality is beautiful. We don't always show the intimate and personal side to ValorFit, but yesterday the truth was shown. 10 months ago we partnered Jesse with former Marine Josh at Ankeny Sports Performancein hope of getting Jesse to a better place, and it worked. Jesse and Josh became friends instantly, and spent almost every day together the last 10 months. Their friendship is genuine and authentic. Yesterday Josh married a wonderful woman, and Jesse stood up with him as he did so. Their effort combined with the community support at Ankeny Sports Performance provided a beautiful truth. We are truly grateful for Josh stepping in to give a fellow veteran his hand, and now Jesse is doing that samething to his fellow veterans. They are both positively influencing veterans across this beautiful country now.
Congratulations Josh, we love you!


On Monday we were able to stop in and meet two new ValorFit champions at CrossFit OC3. Nate is front and center and Tom is in the dark maroon shirt. They both know changes need to be made to live a happier and healthier life, and we are glad to be at the start of this journey with them. 

The second picture is of Jake and Jeremy. Jake is the co-owner of Live Active 563 and his community raised over $650 during a fundraiser for ValorFit on Memorial Day. Jeremy is the owner of Johnson Maintenance Inc and he is a monthly Gold level ValorFit sponsor. 

We are truly grateful for both communities and the great job they are doing in supporting ValorFit as we try to positively influence veterans and their families. No one has to fight alone.

A great big hug to our guy Derek with WodThreads, thanks for walking the walk with us!

Stronger Together


Luke and Abi Reiland, thank you. Thank you for not only donating your rig for our Community Murph event, but for kindness and generosity outside of this event. We had a last minute change of schedule, and Luke and Abi dropped what they were doing, along with Aaron and Ryan to come and put the rig up. The donation of this rig to our event will allow us at ValorFitto put 70 veterans through our program. If you know how we operate, that means 70 people are now getting an opportunity they would not have gotten otherwise. Take a bow Luke and Abi, you didn't just save 1, you saved 70. Thank you to everyone who participated, donated, or bought apparel to help us honor the fallen and raise funds for our cause.


ValorFit was given a $10,300 check from the 100 Women Who Care Ankeny. We are truly grateful for Designed 2 Move Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation and their willingness to speak about and provide action to ValorFit on a daily basis so that we can continue to help veterans and their families live a happier and healthier life. Kindness matters.


Yesterday was beautiful. Meet Gina. Gina needed a change, show we provided her with a way to do so. Gina put everyone in front of herself for a long time, and now we are working together so that she can become a better version of herself. She has found her home at CrossFit Merle Hayand we are grateful for their genuine support.


Once again, a big THANK YOU to those who came out and supported the Community Murph. We know who you are and we appreciate you! Thank you for being patient with the galley (GCP was little busy right after the event traveling for and then shooting at the Granite Games...we forgive her, this time anyway.) Thank you to Trevor Nolan Photography (who rocked it by the way!!) and GCP for donating their time for this awesome event!


Jordan is working hard in and out of the gym to become a better version of himself. Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect. His time in the Marine Corps left him with some trauma to work through, and he is working through that in several ways. Replacing bad habits with positive habits and surrounding yourself with positive people on a consistent basis works wonders. Self care through fitness, peer support, and community support are the principles we stand by. A big thank you to CrossFit Merle Hay and specifically Caileen and Van for doing what you do best, making people better. Jordan has found his home, welcome home Jordan! 
Stronger Together! #valorfit

These things are all made possible because of kind people like LOF-Xpress™ Oil Change – Ankeny and their monthly donations to ValorFit